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  1. Hey Now

"Tempo changes and a sing-a-long chorus highlight "Hey Now," written by Mazzetti." - The Boot

"He’s a marksman of both vocal skill and finger-plucking on a song that more than earns its four-minute-plus runtime."
- B-Sides & Badlands

“Folk Yeah! A sprinkle of Prine, a dash of Dylan, a hint of Guthrie ... the final recipe is damn sure satisfying, but the flavors of the past are evident in every bite. Sit down and savor this one and welcome Dante Mazzetti to your ears.” - LA on Lock

From the Artist:
Much of what I do is storytelling. I believe that part of writing always includes something of the writer, but mostly, I like to write about characters that I've met or those about whom I've read. Rather than chronicling their life events, I try to figure out what makes them tick... their mind space, the psychology behind their behaviors. I also try to empathize what it would be like to be that person. "Hey Now" focuses on a man who is completely honest about who he is and where he's at. Broken, then hardened, he knows that he must leave the life he once had.


Well I guess I’m wrong too much
To be true
The devil breaks your heart
But I lie to you

I guess I’m wrong too much
My heart’s in stone
Please let me go
Just let me

Hey now, hey now
What you gonna do, I’m so broken
Hey now, hey now
What you gonna do, I’m so broken
Hey now, hey now
What you gonna do, I’m broken down tonight
Oh, I’m broken down tonight

Well a drunken beggar cries
And here I’ve lost him with the lies
That I told forever

The river wilds its way close to me
The candle burns back the day to a dream
Oh, and I could stay for good
And you would never know
But I must go
Just let me

[Repeat Chorus]