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Dante Mazzetti has stories to offer and a compelling voice through which to offer them.”

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Record Release Show & Benefit 

Hey New Yorkers!  Dante's Record Release Show and Benefit is only a month away.  We have a limited amount of Early Bird tickets that are 50% off.  Click here for tickets and use promo code DANTE50 at checkout.  

This show is also a benefit for First Responders Children's Foundation.  They are an amazing charity doing such good work to help support the children and families of first responders (firefighters, police officers, and EMTs) who have died in the line of duty.  Though they started up after 9/11 and are based here in NYC, they are a national organization that is making a huge impact on people's lives all over the country.  Dante is really happy to have partnered up with them.  A portion of the proceeds from this album, Hotel Vol. 2, will be going to First Responders Children's Foundation as well. 

Hope to see you at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC for the Hotel Vol. 2 Release Show and Benefit on November 19th!

"Ugly" Available Now! 

What is ugliness? Venture into the darkness with the new indie rock single laced with latin and german expressionist influences. 

The track is the first to be released off Dante Mazzetti's fall record Hotel Vol. 2. Keeping with the themes and story-telling from his July EP Hotel Vol. 1.  “Ugly” continues the tale of a troubled man finding a new life and new challenges.

Reflecting on “Ugly”, Dante Mazzetti offers a clear explanation, "The word ugly has such an immense amount of power. People react strongly to it - especially when it refers to a woman. That in itself says something. I purposefully wrote ‘Ugly’ to be able to be interpreted in different ways. I like to let the listener make the decision on how they want to receive the meaning. Some people hear it as being about a man who is sponging off of an aesthetically unattractive woman. I like to think of it as a song about a woman who is beautiful on the outside, yet has an ugly soul. I hope to inspire the listener to question the meaning of ugliness and to search for more in my songs than the surface understanding of the lyrics."

You can find it at the store or follow this link to find it on your favorite music platform.

Hotel Vol. 1 Available TODAY  

We are happy to announce the release of HOTEL VOL. 1, the first EP in a two part series.  Here what the press is saying about first single off of the EP, "Hey Now":

"Folk Yeah! A sprinkle of Prine, a dash of Dylan, a hint of Guthrie ... the final recipe is damn sure satisfying, but the flavors of the past are evident in every bite. Sit down and savor this one and welcome Dante Mazzetti to your ears.”  
- LA on Lock 

"He’s a marksman of both vocal skill and finger-plucking on a song that more than earns its four-minute-plus runtime." 
- B-Sides & Badlands 

Listen for yourself here or on any major music platform!

New Song "Hey Now" Premieres 

Want to hear Dante Mazzetti's new release before it comes out?  The Boot is premiering the first single from the new EP Hotel Vol 1! Check out details on the album and listen to the song “Hey Now” HERE!!

Memorial Day Weekend Vineyard Series 


The Music in the Vineyards Series is in full gear with a show at Bedell Cellars on Saturday.  The beautiful setting is the perfect place to unwind and experience life's luxuries - wine, music and the beauty of the land.  Let us know your coming (or interested) at the facebook event page.

"Hotel Vol. 1" Coming Soon! 

The upcoming EP "Hotel Vol. 1" is getting closer to being complete!  All 4 songs are going to 2 time Grammy Award Winner Oscar Zambrano to be mastered tomorrow.  Celebrations will ensue...