From the recording Hotel Vol. 2

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The talented Singer-Songwriter Dante Mazzetti released a mellow folk song two days ago titled ‘Breaking in the Sun’. The sound of Mazzetti’s warm vocals seamlessly mixing with the catchy melodies, and his writing style is touching and emotional. For me, I think Dante will be a legend with his attractive and distinctive voice and style. ‘Breaking in the Sun’ tells the story of a man who has come home from prison to find that he has lost his family. He has been replaced as husband and father. He has no connection to the life he once had and loved.

Mazzetti says, “It’s like staring through a window at something you want but can’t have. Something you can no longer hold. He sees the beautiful life he could have had, but through mistakes, he has become lost.”

- YB Music

Dante Mazzetti - vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Peter Kuan - trumpet

Producers: Adam Sussman & Dante Mazzetti
Engineers: Adam Sussman & Dante Mazzetti
Mastering: Dante Mazzetti


No one
Sittin’ with a gun
And I’m broke down
Breaking in the sun

Hold tight, Virginia
A mile from our home
And it’s Comstock to Norfolk
Mile from our home
Prison held me
Held me through the years
And I’m sorry to you
For the lies and for the tears
How’s our little one
How’s our precious son
Does he call your man daddy
Does he see him as the one
I am too small
For you now
I am too small
For you now
Will I find you
Home and not alone 
As a new train rides in
On the broken backs of bone
Take my memories
Throw them in the road
Yesterday’s memories
Are tomorrow’s heavy load
[Repeat Chorus]

I am too small
For you in your world
I am too small
For you now