"Hey Now"

Well I guess I’m wrong too much 
To be true 
The devil breaks your heart 
But I lie to you 
I guess I’m wrong too much 
My heart’s in stone 
Please let me go 
Just let me 

Hey now, hey now 
What you gonna do, I’m so broken 
Hey now, hey now 
What you gonna do, I’m so broken 
Hey now, hey now 
What you gonna do, I’m broken down tonight 
Oh, I’m broken down tonight 

Well a drunken beggar cries 
And here I’ve lost him with the lies 
That I told forever 

The river wilds its way close to me 
The candle burns back the day to a dream 
Oh, and I could stay for good 
And you would never know 
But I must go 
Just let me 

[Repeat Chorus]

“Breaking in the Sun (Live)” 

No one 
Sittin’ with a gun 
And I’m broke down 
Breaking in the sun 

And I am too small 
For you 
Honey, I am too small 
For you 

Prison held me 
Held me through the years 
And I’m sorry to you 
For the lies and for the tears 

How’s our little one 
How’s our precious son 
Does he call your man daddy 
Does he see him as the one 

[Repeat Chorus] 

Will I find you 
Home and not alone 
As a new train rides in 
On the broken backs of bone 

Take my memories 
Throw them in the road 
Yesterday’s memories 
Are tomorrow’s heavy load 

[Repeat Chorus]


Have you seen 
A very ugly girl 
Well, I’m with her 

Do you know me 
Well, I’m kind of white 
I’m kind of bitter 

I’m really just kind of misunderstood 
I love your sister but
I know she’d never treat me good 

[Repeat Chorus] 

Well we danced in the moonlight 
When she told me goodbye 
Such an evil mind 
Oh yeah 

And the world just spits on you like a dog 
And if you want something from it 
You better hold on to that hog 

[Repeat Chorus] 

And the world just spits on you like a dog 
If you want something from it 
You better hold on to that hog 

[Repeat Chorus]

"East Village Tattoo Queen"

She said, “Show me your tattoo.” She said, “Show me what you want to.” 
She laid there naked in the snow 
Her breath like cannon smoke 

I’m weary in the dawn 
I’ve been weary all day long 
Your orange coat and slippers on the floor 
Were you drunk when you bought them 

These girls these days 
They wake up and get away 
And I can’t find a way to stop them 

But if you show her your tattoo 
She just might love you 
I bought it and I put it on 
They said it wouldn’t peel 
I bought it from a gum ball machine 
I hope she thinks it’s real 

In my car we’ll drive real far 
Headlights bleeding on the road 
I’m choking on her cigarette tar 
She really is disgusting 

[Repeat Chorus]

"I'll Be 'Round"

Back from the night 
That keeps on calling you
Lost in the lights 
The world so big to you 
And I’ve been there too 
It can get you down 

When you get tired from playing 
I’ll be ‘round 

You look so good 
I want to jump on you 
I would if I could 
But you won’t let me 
I don’t know what to do 
I’ll just stick around 

And it may sound sad and pathetic 
But I’ll be ‘round 

You came along 
A beautiful white nurse 
You saved my life 
But now I’m so much worse 
You pulled the plug 
But I’ll forget it 

It may sound sad if you let it 
But I’ll be round


When did you fall 
I never noticed at all 
I never thought you done me wrong 

Oh the thunder on the bay 
When you’re walking away 
And the ships all come to call 
Your name 

But I’m pretty sure 
That your secrets are unkind 
This boy on the shore 
Is losing his mind 
You’ve known this before 
And I’ve past out blind 
Trying to survive 
But falling anyway 

I never cared for you much 
Until you did decide 
To hold me when you cried 

All the pain that I stole 
Deep in your soul 
I took it into mine 
That’s where it hides 

[Repeat Chorus] 

[Repeat Chorus]