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Ernest Hemingway once said, "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”  I think this true.  There is no escaping the bad times.  But when we observe rather than judge, with every experience (good or bad) comes strength.  A person needs to get sick to fight against sickness and a mind needs to get scarred to become resistant and resilient to a world that is always challenging us.


As you may realize by now, I have a problem.  I never know which way to take a song and often end up creating a bunch of different versions.  Here are some of the different ideas I had for "Hold On."

This first one I had forgotten about.  I recorded this demo of the song back in 2016.  It's definitely got a different feel than we ended up going with! 

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This second home recording is the one we almost worked on to release.  I loved how broken and vulnerable it felt.  When my wife listened to it she cried.  But then the song evolved - as they often do.  I liked the idea of the chorus having a little more power to it.  The stripped-down version feels like someone desperately trying to hold on, but the final song has more hope to it.

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I'm not sorry, I will say

All the things I've thrown away

And all the love and the lust I've sought

All the lies I've sold and bought


Pretty woman dancing free

Drunk and naked just for me

All the answers that you once had

Are lost in ramblings that are mad


Hold On


I'm not sorry, I will say

For what I've had that slipped away

For what I've had that broke my fall

And what I've never had at all


When you're laughing at all the lies

Little fires rage inside

You crush the pain where passion hides

In the gray ash of your eye


Hold On



Singer Songwriter's wirtten notes on imagery

I found this old notebook where I was writing some of my ideas surrounding songwriting.