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10/3/20 I Wrote a New Song

I had just written "Hey Mama" and headed to my folks' place to play it for them.  My father has been writing folk songs for a long time.  He's been a big influence on my music.  He's the one who first introduced me to the writing of Leonard Cohen and John Prine.  Even though my dad's writing process and style is pretty different from mine, we still like to play our new songs to each other.  

12/31/20 Livingroom Sessions

I wanted to record a bunch of songs for some sort of raw Livingroom Sessions EP or album.  I love the way songs feel when I’m playing all the instruments at once.  There is something about the way the beat and the energy flows through me that makes it feel so good.  At some point, I started messing around with "Hey Mama."  I had come up with a cool chord inversion for it and wanted to see how it would work.

6/1/21 Recording Session in the Mountains

My buddy Adam is a fantastic engineer.  He and I have been working together on and off since college.  We had this idea to rent a house in the mountains and turn part of it into a recording studio.  We brought our families and spent the days recording and the nights jamming around the campfire.  It was great.  We didn't get as much recording done as we hoped, but that's often the case when in the studio anyway.

6/7/21 The Song's Taking a Turn

About a week later Adam sent me the songs we recorded.  Here Jess and I are listening to "Hey Mama."  You can see that it was originally envisioned as a pretty simple acoustic song.   We were listening to the different takes and trying to figure out which one to go with.  But I was also getting a feeling that it could go in a bigger direction.

9/28/21 Got's Jessica's Approval

I ended up wanting the song to be much bigger.  So after I finished building my home studio, I re-recorded the song.  I asked Jessica to listen.  You're only hearing the end of the song here, but I think she likes it.

10/4/21 Almost Done

We're down to the wire.  I have to get all the tracks to Oz Fritz for mastering by tomorrow, but it would be great to add some sloppy 12 string to the chorus...

10/5/21 Major Fail

The deadline to get all the track in is tonight at midnight, but I thought it might be cool to get some female "hey"s in the chorus.  Turns out... it wasn't cool at all...


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Hey Mama won’t you treat me right

Hey Mama won’t you treat me right

I got a lot of good to do tonight

Hey mama won’t you treat me right

Won’t you treat me

Won’t you treat me right


A cold wind is set to blow

And I’ve been walking all day here in the snow

And all I’ve got is a thin shirt to warm me where I go

I’ll be coming home today you know




I don’t care what happened what I was gone

Oh, long as he’s gone before the dawn

And when I arrive in the darkest night

I’m gonna love you til the morning light


Well, I’m a broke down engine in old brown shoes

And my hands are froze around a picture of you

And I need you here to warm the blue

Cuz I’ve been lovin’ you before you knew





Singer Songwriter's wirtten notes on imagery

I found this old notebook where I was writing some of my ideas surrounding songwriting.


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