Breaking in the sun

No one 
Sittin’ with a gun 
And I’m broke down 
Breaking in the sun 

Hold tight, Virginia 
A mile from our home 
And it’s Comstock to Norfolk 
Mile from our home 

Prison held me 
Held me through the years 
And I’m sorry to you 
For the lies and for the tears 

How’s our little one 
How’s our precious son 
Does he call your man daddy 
Does he see him as the one 

I am too small 
For you now 
I am too small 
For you now 

Will I find you 
Home and not alone 
As a new train rides in 
On the broken backs of bone 

Take my memories 
Throw them in the road 
Yesterday’s memories 
Are tomorrow’s heavy load 

[Repeat Chorus] 

I am too small 
For you in your world 
I am too small 
For you now