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  1. Secrets

From the recording Hotel Vol. 1

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Notes: folk rock, Americana.
Sync & master controlled 200% by Dante Mazzetti.
For licensing: Dante Mazzetti
email dantenyc3@gmail.com/tel 646-246-5371

Dante Mazzetti: vocals, guitar, piano, upright bass, drums, saxophone


When did you fall
I never noticed at all
I never thought you done me wrong

Oh the thunder on the bay
When you’re walking away
And the ships all come to call
Your name

But I’m pretty sure
That your secrets are unkind
This boy on the shore is losing his mind
You’ve known this before
And I’ve past out blind
Trying to survive
But falling anyway

I never cared for you much
Until you did decide
To hold me when you cried

All the pain that I stole
Deep in your soul
I took it into mine
That’s where it hides

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]