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This song was recorded in live Dante's home studio in his one man band style of playing. It tells the story of a man who has become disconnected from his wife and son. He was sent away to prison and when he came home, he was not a part of his family anymore. This song explores his emotions surrounding that realization. So many people are in a similar situation - disconnected from those they love leaving them feeling small and insignificant.


“Breaking in the Sun (Live)”

No one
Sittin’ with a gun
And I’m broke down
Breaking in the sun

And I am too small
For you
Honey, I am too small
For you
Prison held me
Held me through the years
And I’m sorry to you
For the lies and for the tears
How’s our little one
How’s our precious son
Does he call your man daddy
Does he see him as the one
[Repeat Chorus]
Will I find you
Home and not alone 
As a new train rides in
On the broken backs of bone
Take my memories
Throw them in the road
Yesterday’s memories
Are tomorrow’s heavy load
[Repeat Chorus]