I decided to live forever 
Or die trying 
As long as I held you 
In my arms close you’d stay 

At peace with the world 
And the love inside you dying 
One more dance you’d say 
The devil comes today 

Only in your life 
Do you find peace and quiet 
When I’m not around 
Around to make you pay 

And all you ever wanted 
Was life beyond the lie 
My thoughts drift away 
To you and me someday 

When you were alone 
The world seemed so quiet 
Now your in my arms 
And the drums begin to play 

The old man in the rain 
Stands wrecked beside his bottle 
His crutch is whiskey pain 
To him it’s all the same 

You fell for a long time 
The peace inside you dying 
You fell for a long time 
The roaring in your veins 

And I fell for a long time 
I don’t want to take you down 
And I made you play the game 
You are not to blame