East Village Tattoo Queen

She said, “Show me your tattoo.” 
She said, “Show me what you want to.” 
She laid there naked in the snow 
Her breath like cannon smoke 

I’m weary in the dawn 
I’ve been weary all day long 
Your orange coat and slippers on the floor 
Were you drunk when you bought them 

These girls these days 
They wake up and get away 
And I can’t find a way to stop them 

But if you show her your tattoo 
She just might love you 
I bought it and I put it on 
They said it wouldn’t peel 
I bought it from a gum ball machine 
I hope she thinks it’s real 

In my car we’ll drive real far 
Headlights bleeding on the road 
I’m choking on her cigarette tar 
She really is disgusting 

[Repeat Chorus]